About Me

connor_profile_waterfallI am a community ecologist interested in understanding how species interactions will fare in the face of human induced change such as climate change. My primary focus is on mutualisms as these understudied relationships form the backbone of so many ecosystems. In the face of climate change, we still lack understanding of key mechanisms that will allow these communities to persist! As an ecologist, I want my research to inform conservation efforts that help underserved populations. I believe strongly that good science builds from strong community and diverse thought. This has led me to my engagement with STEM education research and my efforts to increase belongingness in early career scientists from backgrounds historically excluded from science.

I am currently a USDA Postdoctoral Fellow based at University of Louisville in the lab of Dr. Natalie Christian. I am focused on plant-fungal interactions within sustainable agriculture practices, especially in a changing climate (Research). I completed my PhD in Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution  at Emory University working in the lab of Dr. Berry Brosi. For my PhD, I paired community ecology and network ecology approaches within a plant-pollinator system to understand perturbations to these systems. I also have a M.Sc. in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University and Bachelor’s degrees from University of California, Santa Cruz.